We’ve made HISTORY

Mechaele Wright-Hodges Of Family Charities the 1st person to advocate and with Mayor Don Ryan ESTABLISHED MONTHLONG AWARENESS MONTHS in the Village Of Hempstead, New York in PERPETUITY for:

  1. Young People Awareness Month – April
  2. Mothers Awareness Month – May
  3. Fathers Awareness Month – June

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran Declared the same in the COUNTY OF NASSAU, New York home to 1.37 Million People!

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams also declared the same in the COUNTY OF BROOKLYN, New York home to 2.649 Million People!


APRIL – Young People’s Awareness Month


Mechaele Wright-Hodges & Mayor Don Ryan made HISTORY!


JUNE – Fathers Awareness Month

April 1, 2019 Day 1 Young People, Mothers and Fathers

Today April 1, 2019, Completed the 1st of 100 Days Of 3K Walks In Support Of
APRIL – Young People’s Awareness Month
MAY – Mothers Awareness Month
JUNE – Fathers Awareness Month
at Kennedy Park, Greenwich Street, Hempstead Village, New York 11550! ❤️


100 Days!!

Total 100 Days – 3K Walks In Support Of The Whole Month Of
JUNE – Fathers Awareness Month
MAY – Mothers Awareness Month
SEPTEMBER – Young People Awareness Month
Walked at Jones Beach, New York 🙂 http://familycharities.info
As I continue walking will keep you updated as to if the Awareness Month(s) will be made official. Thank you for your support to the 100!! ♥️♥️

The moment a teen is pulled out of a store and fatally stabbed

This can happen to anyone, PROTECTING CRIMINALS for far too long. Reporting a crime is not snitching is helping someone today, so they can help YOU tomorrow! https://nypost.com/2018/06/22/the-moment-a-teen-is-pulled-out-of-a-store-and-fatally-stabbed/PIX DELETE 6 25 2018

3k Walk for May Mothers Awareness Month

3K (3000m) Walks – Today’s total 180 meters in 60 Days. Goal 300k in 100 Days In Support Of
APRIL and AUGUST Young People’s Month
MAY Mothers Month
JUNE Fathers Month
Walked at Mitchell Field, Uniondale, New York​ , Picture taken in Hempstead Village, New York 11550