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ORGANIZATION – FAMILY CHARITIES –  Not for profit organization formed for the charitable purpose of aiding Families, in need of food, clothing, shelter, health care, health insurance, education and jobs. Our mission is to provide the tools to help strengthen and sustain the lives of people in need. While raising awareness through community initiatives.

MISSION: Promote, Motivate and Provide tools for each member of the Family to assist them in taking better care of their Health, Fitness and Family.

HISTORY: Family Charities in 1996, then about 4 years later an adviser suggested that we change the name to Workers Society, instead we established another organization specifically for working people, because it was made out of the experiences of its founder Mechaele Wright-Hodges when she wasn’t able to receive assistance of any kind while she was a single working mother of 3 young children.  Over the years initiatives grew and are based solely on each member of the family unit,

Executive Director
Ms. Mechaele Wright-Hodges

Mr. Maxim Hodges
Mr. Michael Wright
Mr. Gabriel Hodges
Mr. Ronald Francois

We are not politically or religiously based. But we do partner with
Political & Religious Organizations/Groups in benefit of Family Initiatives.

Contact Email: familycharities@mail.com

Tel# 646-504-9102

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